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Secunda, South Africa, Africa
Career Level:
Senior (5+ years of experience)
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Apply before:
17 b, 2017

Instrument Supervisor

About this job

Murray Roberts

The Electrical Instrument Supervisor will assist Supervisors and the Construction Manager by planning, organising and managing supervising electrical instrument engineering activities of various crews in his/ her team, in order to achieve the construction team’s daily, weekly and monthly productivity targets as detailed by the base plan or dictated output and progress plans/ schedules whilst following all required safety protocols to protect employees, plant and equipment.

Minimum Requirements...


  • 5-10  years’ supervisory experience in a construction industry
  • Experience in electrical procedures.
  • Experience in working with company method statements, Risk Assessment and Quality Control Plan (ITP).


  • A recognised trade in the field of Electrical Engineering with N3 or equivalent NQF Level.

Job Specification...


  • High standards of health and safety, regulations, codes and quality compliance.
  • Personnel management and development.
  • Materials management.
  • Time management.
  • Functional reporting.
  • Planning, scheduling and organization.
  • Relationship management.
  • Policies, processes, procedures and standards compliance.
  • Risk management.
  • High quality inspections.
  • General office administration.


  1. Maintain building electricity, integrity and safety of electrical installation in his/ her area(s) of responsibility.
  2. Facilitate all instrumentation requirements and ensure electrical requests are processed and work is completed timeously and accurately.
  3. Ensure areas comply with statutory Quality Management Systems (QMS) and OHS Act procedures.
  4. Review project staffing requirements and assign suitably qualified technical personnel to tasks.
  5. Ensure engineers are completely conversant with technical requirements of the project.
  6. Manage time and attendance, performance and general discipline of subordinates and keep accurate and detailed copies with original documents given to IR/ HR.
  7. Provide advice and guidance to team members on electrical engineering processes and provide a mentoring platform for team members.
  8. Ensure project procedures and staff duties are defined and aligned to the Engineering Operation Manual and the Project Execution Manual. 
  9. Assist in carrying out quality assurance audits of contractors and vendors.
  10. Comply with all internal company policies, procedures and standards.
  11. Ensure engineers on projects produce deliverables in time to support construction activities.
  12. Assist in drawing up and updating of construction schedules and properly communicate these to team members in order to ensure common understanding and goals.
  13. Build and maintain relationships with clients, customers, subcontractors and stakeholders.
  14. Ensure his/ her subordinates have the necessary equipment and materials required to complete the job and that the equipment and material is in a safe working order.
  15. Complete the planning and necessary set up for the following day’s tasks and discuss with the team timeously to ensure they are able to start the day efficiently and in an organized manner.
  16. Identify, and where possible, remove or resolve any hurdles that may impact on the team’s ability to complete the task set for the day/ week.
  17. Maintain general housekeeping by ensuring area of responsibility is kept neat and tidy at all times and all departmental records, data and documents are properly filed.



  • Good communication skills.
  • Courteous.
  • Output driven.
  • People orientated.
  • Quality conscious.
  • Service driven.
  • Attentive to detail.