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Research by Youth South Africa's consulting Network

  • Profile of SA Youth and Families - this research was undertaken by Bill Price and Associates in 1998. The executive summary is available for free. Detailed and/or customised versions are available for sale.

    Youth Specific

  • Youth 2000: a national study of youth in South Africa - by CASE


  • Age distribution by province
  • Age distirbution by population group
  • Attendance at educational institutions, age 5 to 24 years
  • CSS 'Living in SA' Report on Individuals, Household Survey 1995
  • CSS 'Living in SA' Report on Households, Household Survey 1995
  • South Africa - A Country Study - very detailed and searchable

    Physical and Economic Stats

  • DTI Economic Database
  • Department of Trade and Industry, SA
  • SARS (SA Revenue Service) Main Page
  • StatsSA economic indicators
  • Brief summary of regional demographics
  • Energy stats USA/RSA exchanges
  • Detailed Overview from Geography

    Technology Stats

  • South Internet User Survey

    Health Stats

  • A Report on Teen Sexuality - mainly American Stats
  • Termination of Pregnancy (Abortions) - SA Health department stats for 1997-2001
  • HIV/AIDS - concise overview
  • HIV Insight website on South Africa

    Stats by Province:

    Kwa Zulu Natal:
  • Key Statistics of KZN
    Western Cape:
  • Cape Town City Council - Has a Demographic Database providing information on national and western cape statistics, labour force information, population, level of education, electricity consumption. Also information on local govt., business, tourism.

    Other Local Reference Sources

  • Reservations SA - helpful site with summary facts and contact details
  • StatsSA - Official Government Statistical service - previously known as CSS
  • SA Data Archives (HSRC)
  • ZaZoo's page of links to facts and stats
  • info directories listing
  • CSIR
  • HSRC Human Sciences Research Council
  • South African Statistical Association - more to do with using stats than sharing them
  • South Africa On-line
  • EXCITE's SA page
  • Population Council of South Africa

    International sources of South African Stats

  • Infonation - United Nations site which enables one to compare statistical data among U.N. member states. For example, one can compare the illiteracy rate, newspaper circulation, and spending on education across countries. The data fields cover the economy, social indicators, geography, and population.
  • CIA World Fact Book: South Africa
  • United States Energy Information Administration - South Africa
  • WHIS - World Trade Information Services: Economy of South Africa
  • Information on SA from
  • Trade New Zealand's RSA site
  • US Consular Information on SA
  • US Department of State Background oon South Africa
  • Infoplease SA info
  • Lonely Planet Guide to SA

    International Stats

  • Finding Data on the Internet
  • OECD Links to Central Stats services of major countries around the world
  • WTO Links to Central Stats services of major countries around the world
  • Links to Central Stats services of major countries around the world
  • United Nations list of national year books of countries around the world

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